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Change Management

Many timetable changes only go into effect together or not at all, or must be withdrawn as a consequence of postponed or cancelled maintenance work. In TPS, affected trains have to be changed only once.

A change scenario can then be applied to a number of additional days or cancelled easily . The advantage: the change scenarios may be repeated a number of times by using change control mechanisms.

To do so, a "change group", which has already been created, is copied into the new timetable, modified as required, confirmed and applied to the current overall timetable. That saves time, reduces the planning effort and improves efficiency. Old scenarios can be easily archived and accessed as required.

Thanks to the TPS change management system, you can find out at any time who has made which changes and when. Many adjustments made in the planning during the year are easily manageable via train variants. Any impacts of the changes are calculated immediately and indicated accordingly. The non-valid changes can be identified at a glance.

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