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Feb 09, 2015 Israel Railways Joins HaCon's TPS Community more ...
Sep 22, 2014 Network Rail Chooses Train Planning System TPS more ...
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  • Capability of simultaneous planning of trains by different users;
  • For support of a comprehensive planning process, planners provide train- and infrastructure-related notes in order to store local knowledge about infrastructure data and train schedules;
  • Integrated protection mechanisms against unintentional changes;

Network wide modelling

  • The TPS architecture guarantees adequate performance, especially in large railway networks
    • Smooth handling of huge infrastructure and train datasets
    • Access to the database also via computer networks of small bandwidths;
  • Intelligent use of Cashes on local clients or on department servers to ensure best performance;
  • The complete national railway network may be taken into account for all planning activities;
  • Planning Contexts for individual use can be defined, (either locally restricted) by defined regions, corridors or station/location sets, by day run patterns, single days or periods, or operationally restricted by train classes or train operating companies (TOCs);


  • Quality based change reporting;
  • Complete undo- und redo-functionality;
  • Recycle Bin function: unintentionally deleted data can be restored without problems, even the next day;
  • Management of access rights for users, groups and roles;
  • Authorisation via login name and password;
  • Stand-alone off-line working is possible, based on TPS Data Freezes which can be taken as snapshots out of the database at any time; freezes of timetable versions for comparison; change control of all off-line changes;
  • All changes of data are secured by data base transactions, to guatantee data consistency;

Flexibility and customisation

  • TPS is designed to enable integration as a module into an existing IT environment;
  • Automatic interfaces for data communication to other systems are available (web services, export data subscriptions);
  • Individual functionality and system behaviour can be enabled and controlled easily:
    • Integrated hierarchical permission model (access permissions, roles, groups, users);
    • Flexible train status management for mapping of workflow;
    • Powerful reporting system including data warehouse support;
    • Client-specific interfaces;
    • User-specific configuration of validation procedures for train data and timetables;
  • Workstation independent, central configuration: each user may work with his own settings at any TPS-workstation belonging to the network;


  • Quality based standard processes for conception and development;
  • TPS is completely realised in standard programming language C++;
  • Cross-platform-development under MS Windows (Vista, XP), Linux and Mac OS (other UNIX-systems on demand);

Risk Management

  • TPS is widely independent of third party suppliers:
    • Oracle is the central data base management system;
    • Usage of database standards without using database product-specific features like triggers or stored procedures;
    • TPS uses one of the leading GUI libraries with self-maintainable source code licence;
    • Clear license situation, no third party software royalties;
    • Defined support processes for third party software
  • Specifically developed automatic code generators accelerate the development process and help to ensure product quality;
  • Automated testing;


All support processes are handled quality assured by our web-based communication system IRS

  • Customers, users and developers communicate online;
  • Each issue report contains category, status, priority and assigned responsible individuals;
  • Powerful filters generate individual views;
  • Protocol of all changes with time stamps;



  • Standard-PCs with 2 GB memory recommended, parallel usage of other applications possible, such as MS Office products
  • Operating systems MS Vista/Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS
  • Full support of Citrix server and clients
  • User defined views for fast data filtering
  • Efficiency and ergonomics research recommends a three-screen-solution for TPS-workstations (minimal resolution 1280x1024)


  • Windows/UNIX/Linux standard server for Oracle database
  • Mirroring on fallback server
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