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HAFAS Print at a glance
  • indispensable for a successful cross-media communication strategy
  • easy-to-understand timetable presentations
  • short lead times for data updates
  • high-quality printer's copies
  • automated processes with the option of manual editing
  • consistent separation of layout and contents
  • no knowledge of graphic design required
  • independent, autonomous software
  • fully compatible with other HAFAS products
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download_hafasDownload HAFAS Print brochure

HAFAS Print generates...
  • arrival / departure boards
  • timetable books
  • scheduling tables
  • stop timetables
  • train leaflets
  • stop timetables in credit-card format
  • and much more!
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Train-Specific Overviews

Timetable information provided at the seats is very popular, on long-distance trains in particular: the leaflets for the current route supply passengers with information on the train, the stops, the train stations along the route and the most important connecting trains. In addition, travelers can find out more about the service on board, the seasonal specialties offered in the train restaurant wagon and any entertainment that is available. The fact that the passengers appreciate and read these leaflets and that they are specific to a certain route make them interesting advertising space for such local businesses as restaurants, cultural facilities and hotels. In addition, train leaflets serve as an ideal platform for house advertising – after all, for a shorter or longer period of time, your passengers are a captive audience.

DB updates Your Travel Guide once a month.
The ÖBB provides passengers with leaflets on long-distance connections with the latest travel information.
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