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HAFAS Print at a glance
  • indispensable for a successful cross-media communication strategy
  • easy-to-understand timetable presentations
  • short lead times for data updates
  • high-quality printer's copies
  • automated processes with the option of manual editing
  • consistent separation of layout and contents
  • no knowledge of graphic design required
  • independent, autonomous software
  • fully compatible with other HAFAS products
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HAFAS Print generates...
  • arrival / departure boards
  • timetable books
  • scheduling tables
  • stop timetables
  • train leaflets
  • stop timetables in credit-card format
  • and much more!
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Route-Specific Overviews

Route-specific timetable books provide detailed information on all the connections in a specific area. Timetable book tables map the entire public transport system for a specific route, regardless of whether it’s for local or long-distance travel, for bus or train. In addition, timetable books include valuable information on ticketing and other services, on bus routes and railway lines, stops and lots of useful tips for the passengers. Convincing evidence of the fact that timetable books are still considered as an indispensable reference are the up to 100,000 copies that a HAFAS Print customer of longstanding continues to sell during one timetable period. This handy format is also popular as an effective advertising medium with lots of space to target customers in specific places and regions.

The HVV's timetable books are an all time classic. Here is an excerpt from the Lüneburg edition.

The timetable book has its electronic counterpart online: a search engine accesses the regular railway guide pages as PDF files.

The DB's electronic timetable book: a look at the Hannover - Magdeburg route indicates all the available connections including precise time specifications. Go to
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