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Line Timetables with Print2Web: Example VBB Timetable Book Online

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Travellers generate their own timetables

Due to the Print2Web process, transport operators can simply offer their passengers timetable media as PDF files. These PDFs are designed specifically to customer request. After just a few clicks, the document is ready for publication for internet users. This way, traffic operators combine the advantages of a printed timetable overview with a quick, easy web access from anywhere.

Print2Web is optimal for specific target groups: those who are active on the Internet have the necessary computer equipment and require information that is especially important to them. Thus, passengers who travel specific routes more often are less interested in one or more specific connections on a given day. What they really need is a complete timetable for a larger time-span, about a week or for all working days.

These personal travel plans, for example, for commuting to work, or complete connections comprising 24 hours a day can be produced with HAFAS Print2Web. According to the individual needs of passengers, they can put together their timetables online and print those timetable relevant to their travel patterns.

Advantages are not just for passengers. Transport operatores benefit as well from Print2Web - for example expenses for printing are omitted. They make the results available to their customers either by e-mail or as PDF downloads. Suitable formats for mobile phones are also available.

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