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HAFAS Print at a glance
  • indispensable for a successful cross-media communication strategy
  • easy-to-understand timetable presentations
  • short lead times for data updates
  • high-quality printer's copies
  • automated processes with the option of manual editing
  • consistent separation of layout and contents
  • no knowledge of graphic design required
  • independent, autonomous software
  • fully compatible with other HAFAS products
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HAFAS Print generates...
  • arrival / departure boards
  • timetable books
  • scheduling tables
  • stop timetables
  • train leaflets
  • stop timetables in credit-card format
  • and much more!
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HAFAS Print - Touchable Timetable Quality

Whether you’re talking about timetable information posted on the platform, city connections in pocket format or leaflets on the train, there’s hardly a passenger on local or long-distance trains who wants to do without this “hands-on” service. After all, despite the fact that we are in the digital age, print products still enjoy high credibility as clearly structured information sources and can be used without any additional equipment or devices necessary. That’s why train and bus operators throughout Europe have their timetables and schedules printed using software from HaCon: HAFAS Print.

Customized timetables
HAFAS Print is a standard product that can be easily integrated into already existing IT landscapes. HaCon‘s independent software solution uses timetable data as the basis. With HAFAS Print, users have access to a system that can be automated, while still allowing a wide range of individual, customized settings. As a result, transportation experts can include their specialist knowledge in the production process at any time: from the fully automatic creation right on up to the finalization by experienced editors, from the download offer of a PDF file to the professional printer’s copy.

Readily understandable for the passenger
HAFAS Print helps transportation companies to create timetables that are straightforward and easy to understand. The software is designed to visualize the journey so that it is self-explanatory for the passenger. This is no longer limited to such traditional print products as route-specific timetable books: using Print2Web, for example, travelers can create their own personalized timetables and download the information as a PDF file, making it possible to combine the advantages of a printed timetable overview with quick web access.

Flexible contents – flexible layout
Thanks to the separation of contents from layout, the process of creating timetables with HAFAS Print is independent of the visual design. The timetable contents are defined using intuitive input dialogs: this is where the user can determine the desired characteristics of the timetable, e.g. which train station it applies to or which trains are presented in what way. HAFAS Print saves this information as rules and uses them later in automated form. This results in considerable time savings for the user when the timetable changes. The timetable layout is based on templates that are individually customized to meet the requirements of the transportation companies and provide for a uniform look. To get professional results with HAFAS Print, the user does not require any special desktop publishing skills. Anyone who wants to change the look of the layout can do so with the help of such DTP programs as Adobe FrameMaker or InDesign. Even if HAFAS Print has already loaded the timetable data into a template, the results can still be edited.

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