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Augmented Reality and HAFAS


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Windows Phone

In October 2010 the time had come: Microsoft launched its new Windows Phone 7 on the market. In the fourth quarter of 2010, more than two million licences of the operating system have been delivered.
For sure, the timetable information system HAFAS will also be available to the owners of mobile phones with Windows Phone 7 and keep them up-to-date while they are travelling. Therefore, HaCon has developed HAFAS for the new Smartphones with Windows Mobile 7.

Among the features which are already known from other HAFAS Mobile versions are:

  • the search for connections from station to station as well as from door to door
  • overviews of connections and connection details
  • display of the connection and pedestrian navigation on maps
  • arrival- and departure-boards
  • favourites
  • display of stops and stations nearby based on the current position of the passenger
  • comfortable operation via the touchscreen.
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