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Augmented Reality and HAFAS


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Travel Companion

On trip: the mobile entertainer

When travellers stop over at a station, they can refer to maps on their mobile phones to see nearby restaurants, cinemas and museums. Passengers can select in which points of interest (POI) they are interested and accordingly which they would like to display on the map – simply by clicking the preferred category. The built-in compass gives the direction where POIs are located.

On the right track for information: Match-Me and Follow-Me feature

The Match-Me feature of HAFAS Mobile ensures that the smartphone automatically recognises the current location. It is calculated with the GPS coordinates and the covered speed. The smartphone sends a list of GPS coordinates to the HAFAS server. The server then proposes a list of trips. From the list, the traveller chooses the vehicle he is riding. Once selected, the application automatically switches to the Follow-Me mode.

Via the Match-Me feature, the mobile device already knows which train the traveller is riding. The HAFAS server is aware of the train or bus and its coordinates and therefore knows where it is. The Follow-Me feature enables passengers on train to find out the distance to the next stop, how many stops still have to be passed until the final destination is reached or the current train/bus speed – provided that GPS is available.

HAFAS Mobile goes social networking en route

Everyone using a mobile phone to keep in touch with contacts via a social network such as Facebook or Xing can soon go a step further with HAFAS Mobile: HAFAS Mobile, for example, can bring passengers together who are travelling on the same train or are heading towards the same destination. The traveller is assigned to a route, and all the passengers sitting on that train are joined to a virtual tour group. Via the function "check in" passengers can communicate their position determined by GPS on their mobile phones. It is also possible to subscribe to a particular train or line. This way, passengers are able to see who is using the same train and with whom they can meet spontaneously.

Knows the alternatives: the Reroute-Me feature of HAFAS Mobile

Deviations from the planned route are no problem at all, with a smartphone as a travel companion – even if no train conductor is around. Personalised real- time information, provided as a push service, keeps travellers always up-to-date on the latest changes. They automatically receive suggestions for alternative connections on their smartphones, for example, as an iPhone push message or SMS.

Interactive line networks for people on the go

Who is often travelling in the same city with buses and trains wil benefit from interactive line networks. By clicking on individual stations of the network, departure or arrival boards can simply be retrieved.

More about interactive line networks

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