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Augmented Reality and HAFAS


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Online, Offline, Hybrid

Timetable information can either be provided online or offline directly on the mobile device. In the first case, the mobile phone will connect online to the HAFAS server. In this way, the retrieved information is always up-to-date. Cost and availability aside, there are no limits for online queries regarding the amount of data.

For information without web connection, however, the amount of information is limited by the limited storage space of mobile devices. Finally, only data that is stored on the device itself is used. On the other hand weighs the advantage that with such calculations the data stored on the device is accessed immediately - and therefore results are provided very fast. That makes passengers independet of the availability and stability of internet connections.

In many cases, information retrieved online and offline can also be combined. HaCon's motto for HAFAS applications can be summarised as follows: as much as needed online and as much as possible offline. Many mobile applications combine HAFAS offline queries, so that either a full timetable or selected connections from A to B are available directly on the device, with additional partial access to the Internet to retrieve further details.

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