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Augmented Reality and HAFAS


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HAFAS Mobile is the mobile navigation system for public transport: a comfortable client for all Java devices of different manufacturers that provides access to a complete timetable from door to door (J2ME/MIDP).

With HAFAS Mobile, travellers on their way can access timetable information. HAFAS Mobile is able to access a complete timetable directly from the program without any detours.
If required, it is also possible to save maps of the surrounding area, for pedestrians and more additional information on the mobile phone. Any data retrieved is stored on the device.

How it works:

Personal timetables can be retrieved and stored on the mobile device. Travellers can "teach" their mobile phones any places such as bus stops or addresses as they use them frequently. HAFAS Mobile picks on this information to calculate connections between any points.

HAFAS Mobile is a stand-alone program (.jad or .jar file) installed on Java devices. For the search of individual connections, the system falls back on an adaptive list of locations. This list can include stops as well as addresses or POI and is adapted continuously. If a place is not on the list, the user can enter it, confirm it and save it in HAFAS Mobile.

Once the individual timetable is downloaded, it is available at any time on HAFAS Mobile without connecting to the Internet, making the timetable directly available on the mobile phone. The user can scroll through a list on the overview and look up details. A ticker mode indicates the time remaining until the next departure and activates an alarm and as desired a selectable warning time.

For any location on the list, a scalable area map can be retrieved, accessed via the list of locations or the detailed view of the timetable. Once retrieved, the map is available for pedestrian navigation also offline on the mobile device.

The individually calculated timetable can retrieve real-time information at any time, providing information about delays of individual connections. HAFAS Mobile still enables the download of prepared data packages. The packages may contain data of the 50 most important stops, city connections to a place, as well as hotels and restaurants (POI) – making a user-defined configuration possible.

It is also possible to synchronise the favourites in HAFAS Mobile with myHAFAS on the Internet. After loggin on the system with user ID and password, the synchronisation in done automatically. Thus, the favourites from the Internet are directly available as connections or places on the mobile phone. An integrated update feature supports the recalculation of the timetables when new timetables are launched. Transport operators can seamlessly integrate HAFAS Mobile into their HAFAS environment.

Via a GPS connection, the current position can be adopted. In addition, pedestrian navigation is provided on the map.

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