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Augmented Reality and HAFAS


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HAFAS for Wearables

The Future at Your Wrist

Wearables, especially smartwatches like the Apple Watch, are on the rise and provide great potential for journey planners. In addition to displaying timetable information, HAFAS also allows ticketing and navigation via smartwatches. Coupled with a smartphone, it serves as an extra screen and offers additional comfort to travelers, who access contents and apps specifically designed for smartwatches.

Compact and always at hand

Usually carried somewhere in the depths of your pockets, purse or bag, smartphones are more or less easily accessible. However, digging for your phone takes much longer than looking at your watch. Likewise, a vibration alarm at your wrist signaling a train delay in real-time is much more likely to be noticed than a push notification on your smartphone. There’s no need to check your phone display when everything important is visible on your arm. During ticket control, too, a smartwatch comes in handy when your mobile ticket is immediately available.

“Start Journey Planner!”

A core element of smartwatch technology is voice input. This turns out to be particularly convenient when using journey planner apps: Just one spoken sentence fills in all necessary fields for your search. “Connection from here to Berlin Zoo, tomorrow at 5 p.m.” is much easier and faster to say than to manually enter start, destination, date and time. Voice input has great yet untapped potential for smartphone apps as well: Your fingers can relax while everyday life becomes more comfortable.

Indispensable Travel Companion


Smartwatches are perfect for travel guidance. In terms of navigation, they are excellent helpers, not only when there’s no free hand for the phone. For instance, a vibration alarm signals whether the next turn should be left or right or attracts the user’s attention when heading in the the wrong direction. During the journey, smartwatches display the most important information, such as how many minutes remain until the next chance or exit.



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