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Augmented Reality and HAFAS


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Browser Based

In addition to web-based HAFAS applications, HaCon already developed early a powerful solution for purely browser-based timetable information systems on mobile devices to provide travellers with up-to-date timetable information at any place and to any time.

Operation is easy and adapted the technical capabilities of less powerful devices. Once start and destination are entered, along with the desired travel date and departure or arrival time, an overview of the connections computed is sent to the mobile phone.

After that, all of the connections transmitted can be seen in a detailed view including information on transfer points and the modes of transportation involved. This browser-based, mobile timetable information complements the existing HAFAS travel planner on the Internet. Thus, any transportation company can now provide its passengers with additional mobile information services.

For that HAFAS is best presented on the browser of mobile devices, HaCon deploys a device detection service, which accurately determines the technical characteristics of mobile devices and uses that information to achieve the best possible presentation on the display.

More information on the device detections service

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