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Augmented Reality and HAFAS


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HAFAS for Android

With HAFAS for Android™ travel planning gets going for all the smartphones using Google's operating system for mobile devices. Android runs on mobile devices by manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. HAFAS uses the good hardware features of these devices. These include large displays and touch functionality, making operation particularly easy. The open operating system also offers the best conditions to integrate other applications, such as Google Maps.

Based on HAFAS Mobile, HaCon has adapted HAFAS for Android to the performance of the operating system. This includes optimal positioning capabilities via GPS, WLAN or cell as well as a compass functionality. Automatic locating enables the display of stations close to the current position of the passenger. The walking route including the distance in metres is provided and marked on a map. The current position of the passenger may be selected as a starting point or final destination by the timetable information system. In addition to maps and satellite views, the integrated Google Maps application also includes station maps.

  • HAFAS for Android adopts the detected position of the passenger as a starting point for planning the journey.
  • The overview provides a list showing the next departure to the desired destination, including departure time, number of changeovers, travel time and mode of transport – in real-time.
  • Integrated station maps provide passengers at a glance information on existing facilities. Station maps facilitate orientation – whether at the departure station, during a changeover or at the final destination.
  • HAFAS for Android accompanies passengers safely to the next station. Based on the current position they receive information about walking routes and connection details as well as a map display for the walk to the next stop.
  • HAFAS for Android shows passengers the direction to the nearest stop – arrows show the way, just like a compass. By clicking on "Show Map" the user can switch easily to the map view.
  • Besides the map display, HAFAS for Android also offers a description text with precise directions - including an assisting visualisation via arrows.
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