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Interactive Voice Response

IVR Systems

Via interfaces you can connect HAFAS to voice dialogue systems in order to implement an interactive voice information.

The speaking timetable

To provide physically disabled people – especially the blind and visually-impaired – access to all timetable information, HaCon has enhanced its timetable information system by voice information. Clicking once and the displayed timetable will be read. HAFAS provides the data and outputs it as a running text.

Data and records are pre-processed in a way to deliver good results for being read out. In the background, the information is converted in an MP3 file. Passengers can have the file read out or as download to save it. This way the information is also made available for mobile devices.

The solution can be implemented in multiple languages. The information can be read in several languages, whether English, German, French or Italian. In addition, you can choose whether a male or female voice reads the timetable as well as reading speed. All these components are adaptable to the specific requirements of the transport company.

The interactive voice response at SBB: With just a klick, passengers can have their connection read out. The audio file is also available for download.
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