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Connection ranking, filter, fault tolerance & more

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HAFAS for Google Mapplets


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Connection Ranking, Filter, Fault Tolerance

Pattern-matching and fault tolerance

The familiar entering of stops and addresses (pattern matching), in which HAFAS auto-completes the input of a few letters in – most importantly – an error-tolerant way, has been extended to an integrated map. Clicking on "map" the traveller can check his point of departure and destination or select it anew on the map. The location can then be adopted for the connection search. Furthermore, the user can call up stops in the vicinity or switch to the arrival and departure boards.

Even when entering the parameters for the connection information, for intermodal travel planning the means of transport can be selected. Before they start the search, passengers can define the distance and duration of possible routes on foot or by bicycle and for taxi rides.

Fine tuning of the connection search: filtering and ranking connections

If a search leads to several matches, the choice is up to the passenger. HAFAS supports the selection process with a list of connections that can be sorted by clicking either on travel time, CO2-emissions or the number of transitions.

HAFAS also awards stars for the selected category, so that the strengths and weaknesses of a connection become clear at a glance. Other filtering options allow a precise order by pulling a control for maximum duration, frequency of connections, earliest and latest arrival and departure times or any combination thereof. Of course, singular means of transport can be selected as well.

The advantage: passengers do not have to decide in advance which selection criteria they wish to prioritise for their journey. An integrated CO2 comparison, for example, makes environmentally conscious choices still possible if the travel time is first priority.

Comparison of public and private transport: in the connection overview, in addition to the usual departure and arrival times and the duration of travel, information on CO2-emissions and number of changes is supplied. The means of transport for the travel chain are displayed by icons.
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