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HAFAS Information Manager HIM

HIM Info: present information quickly and to the point

HIM ensures that passengers perceive disruptions of the operation process more positively – by giving them the right information on their connections accurately and on time. Travellers get more planning reliability, do not have to face unpleasant surprises and can adapt to any waiting periods and make the most of waiting time.

HIM is a tool that is used for web-based timetable content editing. The HIM-family comprises individual modules, for example HIM Geo or HIM Timetable, which can be integrated in HAFAS. With HIM Info, all textual information on disruptions including imprecise information not possible to quantify in exact minutes of delay, can be considered for travel planning. HIM Info fills the gap between real-time information directly before travelling and long-term planned timetable information. The traveller receives this additional information connection-specific, complementary to the planned timetable data directly on the journey planner. The messages can be transmitted via many channels, such as Internet, mobile devices, RSS feeds, etc.

The standard software HIM Info has been enhanced by many new features. These include standard features and specific options. This makes HIM Info an even more powerful tool that is easy to handle, fast and flexible as well as secure and accurate.

Any information, no matter if it is train station-based or route-based, may an issue of a HIM-Message that would be assigned to the affected trains. In addition to disruption messages, also infrastructure messages can be included, e.g. for advertising the board bistro. Comprehensive filters are available to create these messages.

HIM Info in detail

HIM Geo in detail

HIM Timetable in detail

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