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Disruption Messages

How to manage information easily with HAFAS

Good information is the key to more customer satisfaction. The aim should be to inform passengers about timetable changes or service disruptions in good time - even beyond real-time information and forecasts. A lack of information often occurs due to imprecise information and few opportunities to announce changes. Imprecise information is often not communicated at all. The same applies to short-term timetable changes and disruptions.

This information should actually reach the customer already via the timetable information service, that is connection-specific and not hosted in a decentralised way, such as traffic reports, travel centers, notices, etc.

The HAFAS Information Manager HIM leads to better information for greater customer satisfaction through

  • fast communication of traffic disruptions and short-term changes
  • Extended timetable data and connection-specific additional information
  • More planning reliability, due to including imprecise information

As a result, this may increase the willingness of passengers to use the timetable information system, for example right before starting the trip to check familiar connections for changes.

There are various communication channels for HIM information: distribution systems, station boards, internal publications, Internet, mobile devices, train monitors and more. HIM Info not only is a simple tool to edit a message, but may have high operational importance, for example with regard to complaint management and potential legal claims of passengers. Reports and histories of messages are thus important for the detection of the publication date of messages.

More about the HAFAS Information Manager HIM

HIM Info - overview of disturbance messages: Various search options facilitate searching for messages which have been entered once and to display them in a clear view.
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