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Whether online or offline, printout or digitally on screen – HaCon offers the whole range of ticketing options. In close collaboration with EOS UPTRADE, HaCon develops solutions for timetable-based ticketing. The timetable information system HAFAS and the ticketing software TICKeos team up perfectly and provide the right ticket for every target group and each situation.

Online Ticket

Comfortably ordered, paid and printed out at home, it saves the visit to the next ticket counter. Online tickets are forgery-proof and include an AZTEC bar code according to the UIC 918-3 or VDV bar code standards that can be controlled electronically either with a corresponding device or by means of the TICKeos KontrollApp. In addition, the online ticket includes further safety features that allow for an easy sight check, even without a control device.

Mobile Ticket

Selling public transport tickets directly via websites or apps for smartphones and tablets is the logical consequence of mobile journey planning. For passengers, it is certainly most convenient to use the same application for both finding a connection as well as for purchasing the ticket. Passengers can buy their mobile tickets until shortly before departure – an offer that is well accepted in Germany, and the trend is rising.

The bar code of mobile tickets can either be displayed according to the standard of international railways (UIC 918-3) or to the new VDV bar code standard and is identical to the bar code of online tickets. Consequently, mobile tickets purchased via TICKeos can also be controlled with all bar code control devices common in public transport (MT or TICKeos KontrollApp).

Distribution Ticket

However, not all tickets are supposed to be sold online or via mobile applications. This applies, for example, when tickets are personalized or need to be printed on security paper, such as those that are valid for a month or an entire year. Tickets that require mail delivery can be assigned different dispatch types with different shipping costs. The TICKeos system is capable of handling the purchase transaction directly which includes the automatic generation of cover letters.

Paper Ticket

TICKeos also provides a web-based application for selling tickets at service points and in agencies. With this, tickets can be either printed on security paper, either by using specific ticket printers or standard laser printers. Security paper administration determines exactly which paper was used for which ticket. Templates can easily and flexibly be adapted to the individual needs of transport companies – this also applies for automated cover letters.


Transport companies can provide their subscription customers with the option to manage their personal data and contracts online. This way, they can easily and directly communicate a change of address or bank account. Also, the subscription type itself can be altered, for example to extend the traveling area. TICKeos works fully integrated with the company’s background distribution system to allow centralized administration of customer and contract data.

Student Ticket

Many colleges and universities in Germany automatically provide their students with tickets for public transportation and include the costs in the tuition fee. The service points at the start of the semester can significantly relieve by issuing personalized student tickets online. The particular challenge here is to validate the enrolment status of each student individually – therefore, the respective university’s server needs to be queried. TICKeos makes it possible via a web service.  

Combo Ticket

Combined tickets are valid both for events and public transport at the day of the event. EOS UPTRADE allows to distribute these combined tickets as print or mobile tickets: TICKeos is well-prepared for different scenarios of transport companies and their partners and delivers either individual ticket features or the entire ticket to the external applications of a host or ticket provider.  

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