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Where the offline version of Deutsche Bahn can be ordered?

Since december 2014 the offline-version is no longer available. This is solely a decision of Deutsche Bahn. In the future you can create your travel planning on the online site of Deutsche Bahn or with the aid of various apps. An overview you can find here.

Why some timetable data are missing?

If timetable data of a specific transport operator is missing, are contractual reasons therefore usually responsible. If timetable data of a specific transport operator not up to date, this data not yet been delivered to the Europäische Fahrplanzentrum for further use. Please wait for the next weekly update.

Our task lies in the creation of software, meaning the technology. We therefore have no influence on the timely availability of the data.

For which customers a personal timetable service is interesting?

Especially for commuters or frequent travellers who don't just use a specific connection on a special day, but are rather interested in a complete timetable for a larger time frame, e. g. for all workdays. Individual results can be transferred to the customer either via e-mail or directly via a website. Output formats are PDF for Adobe Reader, PDB for Palm-Organizers as well as J2ME for mobile phones capable of Java  .


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