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Tariffs and Prices

Comprehensive customer information also includes information on prices for connections computed on the timetable information system. Fares should ideally be presented together with the timetable information, tailored to the user. To do so, HaCon offers to the appropriate interfaces.

HAFAS Tariff Module

Additionally, HaCon's HAFAS Tariff Module provides a solution to calculate fares and present them with the timetable information. The module can be customised and integrated into HAFAS.

Despite all the differences in the tariff models and tariff rules of the transport associations, the tariff data itself can usually be managed in a similar way, and the pricing is generally based upon a similar pattern. The HAFAS tariff data model takes this into account. By mapping the raw data on the HAFAS tariff data model, the program code can be reused to a large extent .

HaCon created the tariff module kernel to depict the different tariff modules as uniform and standardised as possible. The module consists of a data model and various algorithms that are combined for the calculation. To implement a new tariff module, usually only one calculation algorithm is needed as well as special cases and special rules have to be considered.

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