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Disruption Messages

HAFAS can not only transmit interferences of planned connections on short term basis in the form of real-time information concerning actual delays, cancellations, platform changes, etc. Even vague information on delays not possible to quantify in minutes can be considered for travel planning with HAFAS. Typical disruption messages are, for example, information on construction works which lead to deviations from the planned schedule.

HAFAS can process and manage information texts on disruptions of various formats, so they can be included for passenger information services. The traveller receives additional connection-specific information directly through the timetable information system.

To be up-to-date, passengers using HAFAS do not need to rely on different sources, such as traffic reports, travel centres, notices, etc., to be up-to-date about disruptions on their routes.

The HAFAS-tool used to integrate disruption messages into the travel information services is the HAFAS Information Manager HIM.

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