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Real-Time Information

Real time as a critical success factor in public transport


Passengers receive information on all relevant changes to their route and alternative proposals as needed. Real-time information on delays or cancellations enable better planning before and during a trip. The advantage: the customer feels well informed, even if a connection is not operated as planned.

In addition, dynamic passenger information is required for a centralised connection management. By providing real-time information, HAFAS supports bus and train drivers of connecting lines, so that they may decide whether and for how long they should wait for their passengers from delayed feeder transport services.

HAFAS combines planned timetable data  perfectly with real-time data. Whether computer-based train monitoring systems (VMS systems) with UIC, VDV (453/454) or SIRI interfaces, HAFAS is always able to compare the actual data with the planned data and links both of them. Different algorithmic strategies process the data as required.

Regardless of the format of the planned data and the real-time data from transport companies - HaCon provides the adapters to the current systems or to specific customer's systems. Interfaces enable the seamless flow of data between HAFAS and the various external systems of the transportation companies.

Real-time information supplements information on planned connections. With HAFAS, customers recognise information on the timetable information system what is written on their tickets. Thus, HAFAS presents besides the problem also its solution.

Even less is more: going further with real-time information

Many transport associations hesitate concerning the topic real-time information since there is not yet a sufficient supply of real-time data by all operators. Nevertehless, HAFAS enables to set up a nationwide supply with real-time information to give passengers the best possible information for their journey.

Real-time information is used, among other things, to catch transport services, that would have been impossible to catch according to the planned timetable, for example due to a negative time lag for interchanges according to the planned timetable data.

HAFAS can handle a variety of real-time information:

  • Delays (probabilities)
  • Cancellations and partial failures
  • Connection status ("waiting")
  • Discrepancy in attributes
  • Track changes
  • Activation of optional trains
  • Spontaneously activated trains
  • Changes in the path of trains
  • Blocking of stops or sections
  • Planned delays (delays due to foreseen circumstances such as construction sites, etc.)
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