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HAFAS - the perfect connection to your customers

From trip planning to mobile ticketing and fleet management; our HAFAS product suite covers all aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and creates the ultimate end user experience.

Each day our apps and web-based solutions receive over 100 million requests from passengers who rely on HAFAS to empower their mobility choices; this is why our software is considered the highest industry standard for trip planning throughout the world and prompted the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to honor HaCon as one of the “50 Smartest Companies” worldwide in 2015.

Our mobile ticketing solutions can be incorporated to create an efficient and simple user experience for passengers; while our backend fleet management solutions add a new dimension of efficiency for both small and large operators.

Key benefits

  • one-stop solution for a successful cross-media communication strategy
  • various output channels (e.g. website, mobile applications, print products) are fed from just one source
  • better customer service thanks to a complete end-to-end communication of the timetable data
  • individual approach designed to meet specific customer needs
  • fast response times
  • user-friendly and intuitive operation
  • transparency towards passengers
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