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HAFAS Real-Time Server for Google

Jun 08, 2016

HaCon and Google have recently partnered to streamline real-time management: HaCon technology now unifies the real-time data of various transport companies in New York City.

HaCon announces yet another success in the United States: Google, headquartered in Mountain View, California, has opted for a HAFAS Real-time Server. The HaCon system compiles the real-time data for all of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) members and edits them for Google's purposes. This means that searching connections via Google Maps Transit becomes even more reliable.

HAFAS Real-time Servers are already used by numerous transport associations and companies all over the world. Now within the scope of the Google project, HaCon has enhanced the system with a "data washer" function that transforms the various data formats from multiple sources into the unified GTFS-realtime Google format. The subway, bus and rail companies that belong to the MTA, the state of New York's public transit association, act as the data suppliers. Since early 2016, Google has been relying on the HAFAS Real-time Server for the most-populous city on the East Coast soon, this will be extended to major European cities as well. 

The autonomous vehicle management and IT system solutions within the MTA network are connected to the central HAFAS Real-time Server via standardized interfaces such as SIRI or formats similar to GTFS-realtime. This way, real-time data of the MTA members are integrated, validated, "washed" and then passed on to Google. Thanks to HaCon's innovative technology, the data is converted at record speed even with different modeling of rides and different IDs.

Michael Frankenberg, Managing Director at HaCon: "With high-quality real-time routing, push functions and the latest live data, we are constantly exceeding our HAFAS customers' expectations across the globe. We are proud to be working side by side with Google and provide better and refined data to a large number of internet users."

Katharina Walter, Strategic Partner Manager at Google: "Our HAFAS Real-time Server does a great job for us after its successful start in New York City, we will soon use it in Europe as well."

About HaCon:
HaCon creates and develops high-quality software solutions for traffic, transport and logistics. With over 30 years of experience and a dedicated team of 260+ IT and transport planning specialists, HaCon has established itself as a leading European player for planning, scheduling and information solutions. In 2015, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) honored HaCon as one of the "50 Smartest Companies" worldwide. The timetable information system, HAFAS, helps millions of passengers to always be up to date on their connections. Combining different means of public and private transport, HAFAS-based journey planners handle over 100 million requests per day, providing multimodal transport chains in more than 25 countries. A powerful solution for train planning and capacity management, HaCon's TPS software enjoys a growing European user base. Furthermore, HaCon consults and assists its customers with projects in rail freight transport and combined transport in particular. Headquartered in Hannover, Germany, HaCon also has offices in Berlin, Paris and London.

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